Author: Irene Hale

How a Mentor Can Help You Succeed: Why Every Small Business Owner Should Have a Sounding Board

Becoming the owner of a thriving business is the fantasy of many hard working employees and the ever increasing numbers of self-employed people prove that many are turning this dream into a reality. But the dream, once achieved, does not always live up to expectations. Despite the hope that self-employment will bring money, freedom and

Five Ideas for Starting a Home-Based Business

There are literally limitless ideas for starting a home-based business. If it can be imagined, it can probably be done. But not everyone who wants to work at home finds themselves filled with innovation. Create opportunities with five ideas for home-based businesses. Starting a Home-Based Business: Ideas Not everyone was born to be creative, but

Managing People As A Small Business Owner

One of the competitive advantages you have as a small business is that you can tailor jobs to individuals fairly easily, something that is much more difficult for a large corporation. When the job is matched well to the individual, the level of performance rises, job satisfaction increases and your employees are more likely to

Finding a Niche For Your Business

Let’s say a small business is selling widgets. They don’t have a marketing plan – they will sell widgets to anyone. They sell a lot of widgets but not really enough to make a lot of money. They are at the point between getting by and being successful. They advertise in newspapers and sell a

Positioning Your Business in a Growing Economy

Most small businesses have experienced a tough few years but things seem to be getting easier. When the economy in general is growing, your customers are seeing more business and they will need more of what you are offering. It will be easier to generate that extra bit of revenue which makes the difference between