Author: Irene Hale

Get Better Results From Your Business Email: How to Get People to Read Your Business Emails – And Act on Them

People are very busy nowadays and almost everyone has a hard time keeping up with their email Inboxes. Even business email can easily be ignored or deleted by a harried reader. To make sure your email gets read and brings you the results you need, follow the following advice: Make your subject line descriptive. Give

5 Tips To Get Your Business Organized Online

The online community presents a goldmine for virtually any kind of startup or existing business. There are hundreds of millions of potential customers searching for products, services and information so having your business visible online is a great way to go. However, you will need ideal organization to present your business as professional reliable solution

How a Mentor Can Help You Succeed: Why Every Small Business Owner Should Have a Sounding Board

Becoming the owner of a thriving business is the fantasy of many hard working employees and the ever increasing numbers of self-employed people prove that many are turning this dream into a reality. But the dream, once achieved, does not always live up to expectations. Despite the hope that self-employment will bring money, freedom and

Five Ideas for Starting a Home-Based Business

There are literally limitless ideas for starting a home-based business. If it can be imagined, it can probably be done. But not everyone who wants to work at home finds themselves filled with innovation. Create opportunities with five ideas for home-based businesses. Starting a Home-Based Business: Ideas Not everyone was born to be creative, but

Managing People As A Small Business Owner

One of the competitive advantages you have as a small business is that you can tailor jobs to individuals fairly easily, something that is much more difficult for a large corporation. When the job is matched well to the individual, the level of performance rises, job satisfaction increases and your employees are more likely to