Author: Irene Hale

Finding a Niche For Your Business

Let’s say a small business is selling widgets. They don’t have a marketing plan – they will sell widgets to anyone. They sell a lot of widgets but not really enough to make a lot of money. They are at the point between getting by and being successful. They advertise in newspapers and sell a

Positioning Your Business in a Growing Economy

Most small businesses have experienced a tough few years but things seem to be getting easier. When the economy in general is growing, your customers are seeing more business and they will need more of what you are offering. It will be easier to generate that extra bit of revenue which makes the difference between

How Important is it to Have Accurate Sales Forecasts?

In business, sales drives both production and procurement. For some, providing sales forecasts is all about speculation, while for others, being accurate with these forecasts is an absolute must. With both ends of the spectrum present, how important is it to be accurate in sales forecasts? More importantly, how does a company go about ensuring

Home Office Equipment for Telecommuters

Equipping and designing an at home office can help telecommuters (i.e. freelance writers, self-employed workers, small business owners) to focus. The right office furniture and equipment provides comfort and style. It is relatively easy for telecommuters to build and design their home office. Getting the Right Office Desk Purchase an office desk that is attractive