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Home Office Equipment for Telecommuters

Home Office Equipment for Telecommuters

Equipping and designing an at home office can help telecommuters (i.e. freelance writers, self-employed workers, small business owners) to focus. The right office furniture and equipment provides comfort and style. It is relatively easy for telecommuters to build and design their home office.

Getting the Right Office Desk


Purchase an office desk that is attractive and comfortable. A desk that is too low or too high could cause a telecommuter to feel pain or discomfort in their shoulders, neck or back. Check to ensure that the desk has sufficient storage space (i.e. two to four filing drawers). The office desk should also be long enough to hold a stacking tray for incoming and outgoing documents, including mail, invoices and white papers. Professionals who purchase their office desk over the Internet are encouraged to focus on the measurements of the desk.

Sit at several types of desks at an office or department store to discover the desk that feels most comfortable. Doing so offers increased confidence that the right desk is picked, especially for telecommuters who purchase their office desk over the Internet at stores that offer online equipment sales. Choose a design that offers style one most prefers. For example, some people like cherry wood office desktops while other people prefer a clear office desktop.

Offices that are designed to allow freelance writers, self-employed workers and small business owners to benefit from adequate sunlight can make working from home increasingly enjoyable. Placing the office desk in front of a window is an effective way to accomplish this.

Comfortable Professional Working Chairs


Other than the office desk, a professional working chair is the furniture or equipment item that can impact a telecommuter’s structural health. Chairs that are too high or too low can cause a professional to have to constantly reach upwards or bend over to reach laptop or computer keyboards. This can place a strain on the spine, shoulders and neck. It is a reason that major corporations conduct ergonomics analysis for their employees.

Sit in office chairs before purchasing them. Telecommuters (i.e. freelance writers, self-employed workers and small business owners) who purchase office chairs over the Internet are encouraged to purchase adjustable chairs that are designed with a back that will curve to fit their spine. Look for chairs that have sufficient cushion to allow for extended comfort.

Lighting and Storage

Because telecommuters spend eight or more hours a day in their home office, a good light that is gentle on the eyes and on the environment is needed. Hardware stores carry full spectrum lights that can be used during fall and winter months. These lights can help to improve a telecommuter’s mood, especially a telecommuter who does not get outside in the sun often. Adjustable desk lamps allow professionals to position the light so that they can read documents up close or in a certain section of their office. Metallic desk lamps tend to show less dust than do wood desk lamps.

After several months of telecommuting, professionals, including freelance writers, self-employed workers and small business owners, can build up a sizable stack of documents. One to two tall file cabinets can be used to keep documents organized. A single four-drawer file cabinet can last more than 20 years. Online retailers and office superstores sell the cabinets. Professionals who need to secure documents in storage areas should look for file cabinets that are designed with locks and keys.

Telecommuters can locate and purchase the right home office furniture and equipment that will allow them to focus on their work and jumpstart their careers. Comfortable and reliable office chairs can help to prevent neck, back and shoulder discomfort. Purchasing the right office desk can also help to prevent physical discomfort.

Benefits from natural light can be achieved by placing office desks in front of or nearby one or more windows at home. Full spectrum and other lights or adjustable office desk lamps provide adequate lighting. Professionals who need to store documents in secure areas can order or purchase file cabinets that are designed with locks and keys.

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