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How to Become a Private Investigator: Unique Work at Home Ideas

How to Become a Private Investigator: Unique Work at Home Ideas

Some people stuff envelopes. Some take surveys. Many learn how to create blogs, write online content, design pages…it’s impossible to name every available work at home idea in a single article.

But what about professionals who are looking for more unique work at home ideas, a job that could be considered to be a bit more exciting than typing on a keyboard all day long?

Learn how to become a private investigator, because it might be much more simple to make money with this job than some professionals realize. 

Become a Private Investigator

Often, it seems a rather mind-boggling business to embark upon a whole new career path based on a work at home idea, to get training or take classes, to completely shake up one’s life and turn everything completely around. But doesn’t all work at home qualify as being a little scary, a little insecure? For those who seek both interesting work and self employment, becoming a private investigator may be the perfect career choice. 

But…what does it take to become a private investigator, and use this career as a viable work at home idea? 

What’s Needed to be a Legitimate Private Detective?

Becoming a private investigator isn’t the same as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. To reach one of the latter professions, for example, an individual can attend an accredited University and study fairly standard coursework in order to obtain a degree.

However, there are few degrees offered for those who want to become private investigators, and there isn’t necessarily a single formula to help professionals achieve this career. In fact, the qualifications needed for private investigators vary on a state-by-state basis in the US. Thankfully, it all begins with a single, necessary item: the license. 

Use the US government’s search, or call the state clerk’s office, to learn what it takes to become a private investigator. Many states require a completed application form (which will include a fee, usually between $100-$500 USD), before the license may be issued. Often, the application requires that the professional submit fingerprint cards (their own), photographs and possibly a criminal background check. When the license is issued, the professional is suddenly a private investigator- and ready to make work at home ideas happen. 

 Work at Home Ideas for Private Investigators

So, what’s next? Once the license is obtained, it’s time to put work at home ideas into motion. It may be a rather simple affair to obtain a PI license, but it isn’t so easy to be an investigator in actual cases. It’s a good idea for all would-be private detectives to take a few criminal justice courses, whether online or through a community college, to get a feel for investigative work.

Some professionals might even consider going through police training or otherwise studying the craft, to become better at what they want to do. Isn’t this the secret to success in any venture? 

To start working at home with this or any other type of career, it’s necessary to find clients and establish a reputation. Start advertising available services through ads, phone book listings, Websites, etc., and start networking to find clients and jobs. Some investigators work with law firms,  police departments and other businesses as well as individuals. Look for opportunities  everywhere to make work at home ideas become a self employed reality.

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