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Task Pigeon Review: Task Management For Small Business

Task Pigeon Review: Task Management For Small Business

stressed outMost small business owners find themselves overwhelmed with things to do on a daily basis. As a one or two person operation you often find that small business owners have to juggle multiple functions, such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, administration, etc. With so much going on it’s easy to forget things, miss important details or simply fail to manage your workload effectively.

One solution to this is to use a project management or task management tool. In this past this would often be a to do list written on a scrap of paper, or perhaps a word file that you updated as and when things were completed. Today however, you are much more likely to use an online tool for this role in your business.

Normally it feels great during the first few days of your new workflow process. You are product, on top of tasks and managing everything with ease. Eventually though things start to fall apart. Perhaps the tool you are using is too complex, or requires too many steps to create a simple task. Maybe it has 101 features but you only need 5 of them and can’t justify the expense.

One company bringing a refreshing change to the market is Task Pigeon. I have been using their task management software for a number of months now and it is simply a breeze to use. There’s no overly complex on-boarding or multiple steps to create or display tasks.

Source: The Task Pigeon Wesbite

In fact, it’s stand out feature is its simplicity.

Despite being easy to use, there is no lack of functionality within Task Pigeon, and better yet for small business owners and teams of under five they have a 100% free plan. So you don’t really have anything to lose.


This is the Kanban View

Task Pigeon is designed around the concept of a “dashboard”. Think of this as a central view for all your tasks. By default it displays the tasks as tiles or squares. You can however change to a list view or create individual boards much like Trello.

Beyond the core dashboard you can then create categories to easily filter tasks and drill down into one particular topic of your business. I typically keep things broad here and have categories like “Marketing” or “Customer Service”, but you can of course create any number of categories to suit your work style.

The free tier also allows you to upload files/attachments from all of your favorite cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

For Teams

I am a one man band here so didn’t have a need to invite a large number of team members. What I did do however was create a secondary email/user for the purpose of this review.

With users who have multiple people in their team the one point of difference you immediately notice is during the task creation phase. At this point you can assign tasks to yourself or other people on your team.

Whenever a new task is assigned that person receives an email notification with the details of that task and to save them logging into Task Pigeon they can hit reply and leave any comment they wish.

Premium Version

Although I was only a single user I choose to upload to a paid plan of Task Pigeon. It’s only $9 USD for each user on a monthly basis. This compares favorably to a number of other task management solutions I have come across in the past.

By upgrading i got access to a number of additional features that you have a chance to try out during the initial 14 day premium trial period. My favorite of these is the ability to create checklist style tasks.

I don’t often have a sole focus or step in the things I need to do so I liked the option of being able to create a task with a central goal of say “Write a blog post on ABC” and then break it down with required steps such as:

  • Research topic
  • Source photos/statistics
  • Draft copy of article
  • Publish article
  • Promote article

In addition to that the premium tier also allows for larger file attachments which may suit designers or people who work with media. I also took advantage of their integration with Zapier to create a recurring task or two.

There are often features available on the premium tier. For example private tasks. However, I didn’t have a need for these given I am the only user in my team.


  • The biggest pro of Task Pigeon is by far its easy of use and simplicity. I immediately knew how to use the tool and didn’t need to go through any complex user on-boarding
  • Task Pigeon has a generous free tier that includes all of the core functionality you would require in a task management solution.
  • The email notifications feature would work really well for teams, especially if you have staff who are not always in front of a computer and can reply via email on their phone.
  • The paid tier is cheap compared to other tools out there and you don’t need to sign up for a 12 month contract to get the best price. You simply pay each month.


  • The list view could be improved slightly as it can get a little overwhelming if you have a large number of tasks.
  • The commenting UI/UX could be improved as well. It works perfectly fine but if there is a large number of comments on a task it can take a while to scroll through them all given the smaller window size of the task pop ups.


Overall I have been very impressed with Task Pigeon, hence why I paid for a premium account. It would, in my opinion, be ideally suited to small business owners/small businesses who have a team of say 3 to 10 and just want a tool that works without too much hassle.

If you are looking to get started you can create a free Task Pigeon account here.

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