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Facts On Marketing Your Business On Pinterest

Facts On Marketing Your Business On Pinterest

Ever since its launching in March 2007, Pinterest has grown to become one of the top social networks named alongside Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Essentially, Pinterest allows users to quickly set up an account and post links, photos and short video clips (mainly GIFs) to their boards or those of other users. These are known as Pins.

As it has become a common trend, businesses have picked up on Pinterest, using the platform to market their offers and reach a wider audience. However, Pinterest marketing is not a one-time stunt that can be easily accomplished and requires some effort to fully understand how it works, and how your business can take advantage of the existing opportunities.

Here are a few facts on marketing on Pinterest that every start up should know;

The types of businesses that suit Pinterest

Although Pinterest welcomes all businesses and can be used in various ways, it does not necessarily suit all. In fact, there are various businesses that may benefit very little from Pinterest considering it is a social platform where people update mostly social information and data for the purposes of interaction and hanging out.

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to have hundreds of thousands of followers to your business especially if you want to reach a broader audience. Pinterest has over 100 million users with 70% if that being female; statistics shows that women are more likely to become loyal customers.

If you have a startup that is looking to expand its online presence and spread the word out on a minimal budget, then Pinterest offers the ideal solution. You will require a social media strategy and some quality images to share with your followers so such aspects should help you determine whether it is ideal for your business.

Create Boards on Pinterest That Reflect your brand/product/service

A Pinterest board is like a window display at the premises of any business and should be designed to appeal and attract your customers. The board is where you will pin your images and clips so if it is not designed to combine what your customers really care about, then your Pinterest marketing efforts are likely to fail.

It is also important to cultivate what you want to say/represent and integrate it with customer requirements. This way, it is easier to reflect your brand and products/services appropriately without scaring away visitors and users.

Repin Content Your Audience Will Like

Repining is like sharing and helps you post content from other Pinterest users. It is advisable to repin content that your audience will like. To know this, simply look for other users with content that people already like so much. An 80/20 percent rule is often recommendable for startups seeking tips for marketing on Pinterest. This simply refers to pinning 20% of your on content and 80% of what others pin. Repining also helps you determine what works and what does not so you can focus on those that have real benefits.

Focus on pinning content with high quality and engaging images

This should be a no brainer for any internet marketer especially if you are dealing with social platforms like Pinterest. In order to grasp the attention of your users, only pick the best quality images that will not only rouse discussions, but also compel users to want more of what you are offering.

According to analytics, those who use high quality compelling images get 94% more page views than those who do not use pictures at all. In addition to images, focus on top quality content to establish your business as an expert in the niche.

Use keywords and hash tags

Keywords help you pinners find your content just like they do in organic search results and can be used to ensure you get the ideal stream of traffic. This way, the likelihood of attracting customers who want your products or services will increase. Hashtags can also be used to improve categorical search for related content. They do not necessarily work like they do in Twitter as they do not improve your results in searches.

However, they can help you guide pinners to specific keywords that you actually use. Make your tags unique and do not overuse as Pinterest may demote your post’s value which will counter all your efforts to achieve effective marketing on Pinterest. It is important to do your research and develop hashtags that Pinterest cannot resist indexing.

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